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About Viva Le Beaux Products

Our Viva Le Beaux Beauty Product line is a Hair, Body, Skin, and Nail butter blend that can be used on our sensitive baby’s skin to our mature adult's skin. (Note all our Butter products do have Nut Plants Oils in them). We also have an Anti-Itch Scalp Oil, and Hot Oil treatment that leaves the scalp nourish and cleaned and the hair is left with an amazing shine and silkiness!

Our Butters Soothe, Calm, and Gratify Your Wellbeing At Viva Le Beaux Beauty Products, we are proud to offer a range of butter blend products suitable for everyone’s skin – from babies to adults! Perfect for use on any type of hair, skin, and nails, these blends leave you feeling nourished and rejuvenated. We also feature excellent anti-itch scalp oils and hot oil treatments.

Warning: All butter blends have a melting point over 70°. In order to keep the integrity of our butters we strongly recommend choosing two day shipping or less at checkout between the months of April through September.