How It All Began

Viva Le Beaux Beauty Products was created and founded by Cobbs Beauty Products, LLC. The Owner Demetrice (Demi) Cobbs has been a master Stylist in New Orleans, LA (the Cajun girl) and later moved to Atlanta, Ga with her 2-month-old baby boy to join the...

About Viva Le Beaux

Our Viva Le Beaux Beauty Product line is a Hair, Body, Skin, and Nail butter blend that can be used on sensitive baby’s skin to mature adult's skin. We also have an Anti-Itch Scalp Oil, Hot Oil treatment that leaves the scalp nourish and cleaned and many more amazing products!

Please note: Note all our Butter products contain nut plant oils.

The Right Beard Butter

I think I've just stumbled upon the right beard butter. Beard Gang, check out Viva Le Beaux Beauty Products." - Marcus J.

I Love The Demi Butter!

Ok, so I've been having my hair in braids. So I hadn't Started using using the hair products yet. I absolutely love the DEMI Butter. It make my hair soft , moisturized and stretched! I will place another order. - Treva F.

Simply Amazing Products

The Hair and Body Butter is AMAZING!!! I was experiencing a small but uncomfortable rash and the Hair and Body Butter soothed my itching and at the same time moisturized my skin. I actually went to a physician for treatment and he told me you've done a great job on your own. Thanks Viva Le Beaux!! From a very satisfied customer. - Catrice R.

I Will Purchase Again!

Please do yourself a favor and purchase this creamy rich body/hair butter. I have only been using this cream on my 20 month old son’s sensitive/flared eczema skin for the past 2 weeks and have already noticed a big difference. The extra moisturizer butter has helped to calm and effectively hydrate his skin. I love that it is all natural and free of harmful chemicals especially on my baby’s delicate skin. I have tried numerous other creams and lotions, and they have not worked or locked in moisture the way Demi’s extra moisturizer butter has. I will purchase again, thanks again Demi. - Ladarrah W.

Our Newest Additions!

Demi Butter Curl
And Stretching Cream Gel

Our Demi Curl and Stretching Cream Gel give you a variety of uses. Will not get hard or flake. Can be used with any of our Demi Butter Moisturizers for extra moisture. This product can be used on All types of hair for various styles!

Demi Butter With Aloe
And Honey Blend

Demi Butter with Aloe and Honey has been our top seller overall! Aloe is known for its ability to reconstruct and restore your hair and skin back to its natural beauty, while honey benefits their elasticity and absorbs natural moisture from the air.

Demi Butter With Black Pepper
And Peppermint Moisturizer

Demi Butter with Black Pepper and Peppermint is used on your scalp and skin. Enjoy the awakening of this blend of Black Pepper and Peppermint and also moisturize daily on your scalp and skin as needed.

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